Marching Arts Design

Andrew is an experienced designer for the marching arts with experience in show design and a focus in audio and sound design. With experience designing for and working with both competitive high school marching bands and WGI ensembles, Andrew can help fit any design needs you might have! Below, find just a few of the services that Andrew can help with. Interested in getting started? Fill out the Contact Form to discuss options!

Design Coordination

Not sure where to start in the show design process? Want a particular style of show (the “what”), but don’t want to worry about the details (the “how)? Not to worry! Andrew can lead your design team from start to finish, partnering with a talented team of arrangers as needed to create a product your students, audience, and judges will love!

Full Sound Design

Andrew has designed award-winning shows at both the high school level and in WGI. Full sound design services include:

  • High School Marching Bands
    • Creation of a MainStage file with custom synth sounds patched in the appropriate order and separated by movement. All your synth player needs to do is hit “next” and they’re ready with a new voice, letting them focus on playing their best!
    • Design of custom sound samples for any sound effects you want for your show (preshow, voice-over samples, special effects/hits/drops/etc). These will be programmed into your MainStage file for easy triggering by either an effects pad or a keyboard.
    • Design consultation to ensure that the sound design is exactly what you and the rest of your design team are looking for, making sure that the electronics perfectly fit with your vision for the show.
  • Indoor Winds – Due to the unique nature of WGI Winds rules, Andrew can develop a custom show file in Logic Pro (or your preferred software) that can simply play underneath your ensemble. This file can include all sound effects, synthesized sounds, drums, and anything you don’t have instrumentation for on the floor!
  • Indoor Color Guard – Do you know what song(s) you want to use for your show, and how you want them to fit together? Need someone to make the cuts sound good and add any voice overs or other sound effects you want? You will be thrilled with the product you get!

A La Carte Sound Design

If you don’t need full design services, Andrew can help you realize your ensemble’s design goals with any of the following “a la carte” services:

  • MainStage Files – Creation of a file for use with Apple’s MainStage software. This software allows any keyboard synths or sound effects pads to be programmed through a computer, expanding your options for voices and effects! This is a great option if you already have a show and sound design files, but don’t know how to get them up and running.
  • Custom Sound Samples – Need sound effects or samples for your show? Andrew can assist in recording/editing any pre-show, voice-overs, sound effects, or other samples you need and provide you with high-quality audio files to use.

Design Consultation – Have an idea but not sure how to realize it on the field or floor? Look no further! Andrew has designed award-winning shows for high school bands and has been on the design team for four WGI Winds Champions!

Sound System Design/Install

Nowadays, the “electronics arms race” is on in the marching arts world. Do you want to get a sound system up and running for your marching ensemble but don’t know where to start? Let Andrew help by customizing your sound system to fit your ensemble (now and future!) and make sure you have all the components you need to succeed. Once the materials arrive, Andrew will come out and set all your equipment up, fine tune it for your performance venue(s), and train you – and whoever else needs to know – in how to use it. Andrew has experience creating and setting up sound systems of every shape and size, from small systems able to amplify just a keyboard and/or bass to full mixer set ups with wireless microphones.

Interested in getting started or want more information? Contact Andrew today!

See what Andrew’s clients are saying:

Zac Cannon

Andrew took time to help me set up sounds and narration into my midi-keyboard after having issues getting the sounds to work properly. Andrew took time out of his schedule to rework the sounds and patches so that my students would be successful and sound great! Thanks so much, Andrew!

Zac Cannon
Long Beach School District