Leaving BFE

I’m going to try to keep you guys a litle more posted on my everyday goings on than I have before… and the first of that will be making the announcement that after two and a half years of being an active participant (and administrator, for over a year now) in “Battle for Europe,” the official online tournament for the video game series Call of Duty, I have chosen to retire from the tournament.

BFE has been a big part of my life since the spring of my Junior year of high school. I joined it on a whim after becoming interested in the game Call of Duty 2. Quickly I was hooked by the concept of the tournament, and began working hard to help improve the tournament, and working my way up the ranks. Within a few months, I had been offered an “officer” position, and I was offered an administrator job the summer after graduation.

By this past February, I had worked my way up to being “second-in-command” in the tournament. When a scandal came up regarind the embezzlement of donations that were made to the tournament by the current leader (a position called Internal Coordinator, or IC), MyInternetServices, the company that operates the tournament, made the decision to remove the previous IC and asked if I would be interested in taking the position. I accepted, excitedly looking forward to the opportunity to continue to help the tournament.

The next 7 months of my BFE involvement were busy and slightly stressful, but definitely fun. I am very glad I had the opportunity to take on the role of IC, and I feel that some of the changes that were made during my time really did help the tournament. As classes began to start this semester, though, I found myself being less interested in BFE, and almost feeling an obligation to do the work that needed to be done. It was this point that started getting me thinking about ending my time.

I made the final decision to step down yesterday, and after informing the other staff members, I made a public post about it this afternoon. It was weird, seeing my name on the website without any of the identifying factors of a staff member, but it is a slight weight off of my shoulders. It was just time to go for me, and I feel I made the right choice.

BFE has given me so much over the years, that it was really difficult having to leave. I recall so many good times I’ve had while working with the tournament, and so many friendships (e-friendships, albeit, but friendships nonetheless) I have forged with people from all around the world. I will miss everyone I had the pleasure to work with in BFE; they have all affected my life in such a positive manner.

So, to any BFE-Folks reading this: thank you so much for everything you have given to me over the last two and a half years. BFE has helped to provide me with so many fun experiences, and great freindships that I know will endure whether I am a staff member with BFE or not. You really helped me hone my leadership skills and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Stay in touch, everyone!

Broadcast Journalism/Studio Production

So I got recruited by the TotalGamingNetwork (which is owned and operated by MyInternetServices) to be a broadcast journalist and studio producer for the weekend. Kind of.

How did this come to be? I am the head administrator for a gaming tournament that plays the game Call of Duty 4. The tournament is part the TotalGamingNetwork (TGN), and is therefore owned/operated by MyInternetServices (MyIS). Quakecon, a gigantic gaming conference run and sponsored by MyIS, is going on this weekend, from July 31st through August 3rd, down in Dallas. TGN is sending two staff members down there to do some “field work” and has just started their own “online TV station,” aptly called “TGTV.” The staffers will be recording videos of interviews at the conference, as well as streaming some live footage of it, and I’ve been asked to contribute with my own input from up in Chicago, as well as run the studio production (managing overlays, cueing up the next video, etc).

You can check out the feed below, where I have embedded it. If you’d rather, it’s located on facebook in my profile, or you can visit the home of TGTV at http://www.mogulus.com/tgn. Please leave comments over the course of the weekend, I’d love to hear your thoughts!