Midwest Clinic

I’m looking forward to attending the 2008 Midwest Clinic in downtown Chicago at the Hiton this December 16-20 with a bunch of friends from UM, but I’m also looking forward to getting to connect with other music educators out there. Is anyone else planning on being at Midwest this year? Leave me a comment here or tweet me @zweibz7 on Twitter, and maybe we can meet up!

I’ll be at the conference most likely from the 17th on, and am going to try to catch the Chicago Symphony Brass concert that is going on on the afternoon of the 18th.

Oh, and I’ll probably also be blogging/tweeting from the conference all weekend, so you can feel like you’re there even if your not, or try to catch up with where I am from that!

Leave a comment or a tweet if you’ll be around!

Symphonic Winds Concert

On Wednesday, November 19, the Frost Symphonic Winds, under the direction of Conductor Mr. Thomas Keck and Associate Conductors Ms. Lauren Denney Wright and Mr. Shawn Vondran, will present a concert at Gusman Concert Hall at the University of Miami Frost School of Music. The concert will start at 8:00 pm, and will feature me on some small solo work, as well as many of my friends, and should be a fantastic night of music. The program is as follows:

“Hey!” – Timothy Mahr
“I wander in a dream world of my own making” – Christopher Theofanidis (Conductor: Shawn Vondran)
“Kingfishers Catch Fire” – John Mackey (Conductor: Lauren Denney Wright)
“Fantasy in G Major” – J.S. Bach
“Symphony for Band (Symphony No. 6) Op. 69” – Vincent Persichetti
“Four Scottish Dances” – Malcolm Arnold

It’s going to be a fantastic concert, and for those of you in the area, admission is free! If you can’t get to the UM campus for the concert, because you’re out of town, state, or country ( 🙂 ), then you can lsiten to a live stream of the concert at the following URL. Streaming will begin 30 minutes before the concert:

Live Stream

Please feel free to post comments as you listen, or afterward if you had the opportunity to listen to it!

TBS Showcase

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of performing as a part of Tau Beta Sigma’s first annual Fall Showcase. TBS usually does a showcase in the spring, but with the interest level that many people showed, they decided to add another one in the fall this year, and as a Membership Cantidate, I had the opportunity to take part in it.

As someone who spent most of his high-school carreer playing Jazz, when I got to UM there was a bit of a shock as I realized I wouldn’t get to play Jazz as often. Showcase provided me the opportunity to do this, and after asking around, I found that there were a bunch of members of the organization that were interested in putting together a Jazz Band to perform! There aren’t many opportunities in Jazz through the school of music for those who aren’t Jazz majors, and we all wanted to just play. Thus was born the “University Jazz Band!”

The U-Jazz Band performed a tune called “Sandu” (written by Clifford Brown) on Saturday. The arrangment was something I did for the GBN Jazz Ensemble in the Spring of 2007, and our pianist Andrew DeVine (a very accomplished composer/arranger) supplemented the arrangement with an alternate “shout-chorus” ending.

I must say that performing at showcase this weekend has been one of the most enjoyable experiecnes I’ve had performing in a very long time. It was awesome just being able to play, enjoy the music, and not worry about anything else except what was going on in the song. It was truly the most fun I’ve had performing in a long, long time.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single person who participated in the band (Frankie Pereda, Chris Walker-Alto Sax, Dan Sprague, Brad Newman-Tenor Sax, Jackie Kraus-Bari Sax, Raquel Shifrin, Nick Heilman-Trombone, Mike O’Brien-Baritone, Marissa Wites-Bass Bone, Rachel Hanusa, Chris Kumetz, Kevin Mazzarella-Trumpet, Tyson Greaves-Bass, Mike Heilman-Drums, Andrew DeVine-Piano) for all their hard work on the tune, and for making Saturday so enjoyable! I hope you all had somewhere near as much fun as I did!

You Ask and You Shall Receive…

So after the thunderous response to my post asking about music (*cricket, cricket*), I’ve decided to just go through with it. I’ve added a new Music page, accessible via the top navigation bar, which has 10 recordings of songs that either featured me, or were performed by ensembles I’m in. Check it out, and leave a comment on the music page with your thoughts!

Music Recordings?

I just had an idea… would you guys like to hear some audio recordings of me/groups I’ve been in? I’ve got a lot of music that either includes or features me, I could put together an audio page with all that music available to listen to… (not sure if I can put if up for download due to copyright stuff, but you can always come back and listen as mannnyy times as you want :P)

Leave a comment with your thoughts!