“The Art of Wind Band Teaching” Symposium

After an enjoyable end to my Cayman trip (sorry for the lack of updates!), moving out, and a LONG drive, I’m here in Minnesota getting ready to attend the University of Minnesota’s “The Art of Wind Band Teaching” Symposium starting this afternoon in Minneapolis! I was originally accepted to the Symposium with a new teacher/college student fellowship that offered a reduced registration fee, but soon after also was offered the opportunity to participate in a conducting fellowship workshop during the Symposium! I am looking forward to a wonderful week of learning, exploring, and meeting great new people.

The star-studded clinician line-up for the “AWBT” Symposium is a who’s who of American Wind Band composers/conductors:

  • Craig Kirchhoff, University of Minnesota
  • Frank Ticheli, University of Southern California
  • Richard Floyd, University of Texas
  • Richard Mayne, University of Northern Colorado
  • Allan McMurray, University of Colorado
  • Marianne Ploger, Vanderbilt University
  • Timothy Diem, University of Minnesota
  • Alexander Fiterstein, University of Minnesota
  • Shelley Hanson, composer
  • Libby Larsen, Composer
  • Jerry Luckhardt, University of Minnesota
  • Alicia Neal, University of Minnesota
  • Laura Sindberg, University of Minnesota
  • Jim Cochran, Shattinger Music

I’m looking forward to meeting and working with these great minds, as well as meeting some of the great people in my Professional Learning Network for the first time. You can stay updated on my experiences by following me on Twitter @Zweibz7, where I will be using the #AWBT11 hashtag to update as often as I can from the sessions.

As an aside, if you are on Google+, consider adding my profile to one of your circles! I’m still not sure if Google+ will catch on and I’m very unsure of how I plan to use it, but it has been a great resource for more long-form discussion so far!

Greetings From Cayman!

Greetings, all, from paradise! I write to you as I’m sitting on the back porch of our beautiful house here on Grand Cayman after having spent two days here getting ready for the Creative Music Project to begin next week! It has been a busy few days, but here’s the short version of some of the stuff we’ve done since we got here:

  • Lunch at a patio restaurant on the ocean
  • Phone calls to parents confirming their students’ attendance next week
  • Unpacking in our beautiful house (pictures below)
  • Setting up my technology room for next week’s classes
  • Lunch at one of the popular places “in town”
  • My first time ever eating sushi!

Today, we’re getting ready to pick up the rest of the group (five of us came out a few days early to set up) and be tourists for the weekends before we get to work next week! I have some pictures uploading right now – they should be up soon!