Headed to Paradise

As I mentioned this weekend, I am preparing to head to the Cayman Islands tomorrow to take part in teaching a free week-long music workshop to the students on the island. With my fellow teachers and teacher educators in the Creative Music Project, we will be working for a week with the local students on expressing creativity through music in the contexts of improvisation, composition, technology, and the exploration of cultural connections. I will be teaching in the technology room for the upper age students (what we call middle and high school). I am very excited to be using Aviary’s Myna to create remixes of some of the music from the soundtrack of the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie!

Anyway, I will be updating here on the progress of my trips as often as I can, and hope to include some videos, pictures, and stories along the way! If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my feed (by clicking the link in the sidebar) so you can stay updated during my trip. You can also follow my updates on Twitter at @Zweibz7 and updates from the Creative Music Project at @CreativeMusProj.

I’ll talk to you soon – from paradise!!

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