New Year’s Resolution

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions; they never held the allure for me that they do for many. But this year, I do have one thing I want to accomplish on a more regular basis. It isn’t anything deep and meaningful like making someone smile each day; it isn’t something significant like losing 30 pounds. It is, however, something that I want to accomplish, which is the main definition of a resolution, is it not?

In July, I turned 21 years old, and received a wonderful gift from my parents; a new digital camera. The camera received some use on road trips that I took near the end of the summer, but has been more useful as a dust-collector as of late. I have taken some photos for my cooking experiment, and of a few other things, but I haven’t even gotten around to uploading them, either to my computer, or to the vast array of social networking sites I use. This brings me to my two-part resolution:

In 2010, I plan to take more pictures using my digital camera, and to share more of them online so my friends/connections can see my efforts.

It’s my hope that the resolution to share my photos will provide accountability, forcing me to follow through with the first portion of the resolution, to take the photos to begin with! I have so many different ways to share photos now, between Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, that I really have no excuse not to share the photos that I have already taken. As for taking photos to begin with, I hope to chronicle any trips I take (myself or with the band department), as well as use my camera to track my cooking experiments, and any other experiences I may have on campus.

Some members of my Twitter network have embarked on the 365-day photo challenge, in which they plan to take one photo for each day of the year, and post it to their Flickr account. I considered taking this challenge to force me to use my camera more often, but since I haven’t taken even one photo in weeks, I thought it might be too severe a change for me. I wanted to set an attainable goal, and I think I have done just that. To those of you who are trying the 365-day challenge, I wish you the best of luck!

To everyone else, stay tuned ┬áboth here on my website, as well as on my social networking sites (see the left sidebar) for updated photos, starting next week when I return to campus and dust off my camera! Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a slideshow from a Flickr set of photos I’ve taken on the University of Miami Campus. Enjoy!

Happy new year!