Preparing My “Mosaic”

Those of you who check this blog with any regularity or subscribe to my feed have probably noticed it’s been a while (roughly two weeks) since I’ve posted here. For my personal expectations and desires for this blog, it’s been too long. However, I have struggled for inspiration before, and have no doubt I will again. At first, it concerned me, but composer Loren DiGiorgi (@DarkPiano on Twitter) made a great point about his composing, and I feel it applies directly to blogging, especially for me:

Ok if I try too hard to write a song, it just doesn’t work. I guess for me, songs just “happen” and are tied to life moments.

I began to think, what “life moments” have happened to me lately, and are worth writing about? There have been a lot of events that have happened for me, lately, including (but not limited to): the end of classes, saying goodbye to the graduating seniors, more work helping out a band director-friend in her band classroom, and a trip to St. Louis. However, one moment that I am soon to have sticks out as being worth mentioning and exploring: an trip to New Jersey that I will be taking, along with my mother, and my sister. I’ll be visiting Poppy Arnie.

Back in December, I wrote a post entitled “My Mosaic” that has turned out to be the most popular one (traffic wise) that I have written so far. The post was about my grandfather, known better as “Poppy Arnie,” and the book that was published as a compilation of his years as a journalist with the Times of Trenton. He wrote about all sorts of joys and tragedies, of subjects ranging from war to family, fishing to politics. In the end, the book’s title: Mosaic: Warmth, Wit, and Wisdom, was chosen because, as Poppy says in the closing comments:

We are all the same really. We are all a mosaic, a portrait of the bits and pieces of our lives.

I drew the parellel in my last post that this blog is my version of the “mosaic,” including all the bits and pieces of my life as it unfolds. As I prepare to see my grandfather for the first time since writing this post, I thought about what the encounter would be like. I’ve spoken to him on the phone a few times since, and my mother sent his wife a copy of my last post to read. I called him and had a great chat about writing; all four eyes involved in the conversation were wet by the end. I have since received my own copy of Mosaic, inscribed by my grandmother (Poppy can not write any more) with a personal message to me.

As I think about it, I want to be able to bring something to him, to show that I’m still adding to my “mosaic.” I’ve decided that I’m going to compile some of the best posts on this blog, printed in a small binder, so that just as I have a copy of his Mosaic, he can have a copy of mine. Obviously, the phrase “best posts” is extremely subjective, so I am interested in your opinion on this one: what are some of your favorite posts from my blog? Subject matter is irrelevent, in fact I would prefer to include a diverse range of subjects (updates on life, music education related posts, general musings). Please leave your thoughts in the comments-I am extremely interested in your opinions. I will, of course, let you know which articles I end up including.

My own “mosaic” hopefully has many more pages to be added to it in the future, but it’s always a good idea to stop and appreciate what has already been accomplished. As the school year winds to a close, and what will likely be a very emotional trip to New Jersey awaits, I think this is the perfect time to compile my “mosaic” for the first time. Please help me share the joys that this blog has brought me (and hopefully you) with a man who has been a huge inspiration along the way.

4 thoughts on “Preparing My “Mosaic”

  1. My favorite was the post from your old blog about the time you taught that young fourth or fifth grader on Trumpet — how her eyes were shining when she said good bye, thanking you and how she had gone from one note to three and could almost play a simple song, and how that made you sure you had chosen the right direction for your life's work. That is Poppy Arnie to a “t”.

    Keep in mind to print your post with a slightly larger font so Poppy can read it more easily buddy. I love you.

    Poppy also will like your sports posts

  2. Hey Andy, what a great post. I have to tell you that I'm honored to have been quoted in it. I love the “Mosaic” idea! It's true that each of us build our life's mosaic with each passing moment in the people we meet, the things we experience, and all what I call the “life moments” that come our way. Your post got me to thinking too, that my mosaic will be presented in audio form when the time comes; just like yours is presented in written form.

    Wonderful insight, my friend! It's great to stop every now and then and just take note of where we've been, who we are, and where we're going, isn't it? 🙂

    Thanks again for including my tweet as part of your mosaic. 🙂 It's an honor and a pleasure.

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