“Band of the Hour” 2009 Leadership Announced!

Over the past week or so, the student leadership team for the 2009 University of Miami “Band of the Hour” has been announced, and now that the entire team is set, I want to congratulate everyone on a job well done! Here are the 2009 student leaders:

Drum Majors: Jeff Lawson, Brad Newman, Stephanie Gust
Band Captain: Andy Zweibel
Piccolo Section Leaders: Alyssa Kassler, Nicholas Heilman
Clarinet Section Leader: Tim Plitnik
Alto Sax Section Leader: Dan Sprague
Trumpet Section Leaders: Andy Zweibel, Sam Guffey
Mellophone Section Leaders: Nina Knific, Sam Bapty
Trombone Section Leader: Marissa Wites
Baritone Section Leader: Luke Cramer
Sousaphone Section Leader: Mike O’Brien
Drumline Captain: Victor Gonzalez
Guard Captains: Liz Menne, Kayla Kasel
Dance Captains: Taylor Prandini, Destiny Guild

Contratulations to everyone! I’m looking forward to a great season!

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