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As I’ve become more and more active in the social networking community, specifically with the micro-blogging system Twitter, I have of course been suggesting to friends and colleagues that they create their own accounts and start “Tweeting.” By far, the most popular response I get when I suggest someone create a Twitter account is “Why? Why in the would I want to spend time telling the world what I’m doing in only 140 characters?”

Of course, I asked myself the same thing when I began tweeting. What could I possibly do in a bunch of 140 character updates that would benefit me in some way? But now that I’ve really found a lot of benefit from Twitter, I’ve decided to share my answers to this never-ending question of “Why?” in an effort to explain to you non-Twitterers the reasoning behind the time I spend on Twitter. Here goes nothin’!

My Reasons for Using Twitter:

  1. Networking – I have met, in the past month that I’ve used twitter actively, over 20 professional music educators, music technology specialists, or just music enthusiasts. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to these people about the profession, to get new ideas from them, and to meet even MORE people through these new relationships!
  2. Sharing Information – As a result of this new network I’ve developed, I now have tons of people who can help me with questions I might have, or who I can help in return. If I ask a question on Twitter, generally I have a response from someone within a few minutes with an intelligent response! It’s like having a living, breathing, search engine at my disposal!
  3. Website Traffic – I began really actively using Twitter in the month of November (220 Tweets last month, compared to 104 in Sept. and only 42 in Oct.), and I have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to this website since then. In the month of October, my Traffic program logged 1610 entries (each time someone visits a page). In November, thanks to my extended Twitter network and increased activity, I logged 3455 entries! That’s an over 200% increase in Traffic to my website, just by having my site linked from my Twitter page!
  4. Blogging Help – I’ve also been able to find many specialists on the use of Blogging, WordPress (the blogging software I use), and Twitter to help me become a more effective communicator using all these mediums! I’ve been able to link my blog to my Twitter account, and as a result you can now see my Tweets on the sidebar of my site, and each time I post a blog, there’s automatically a Tweet created about it! These additions help increase traffic to the my site and to my Twitter account, which allows for more exposure all around!
  5. News – I can learn what’s going on in the world through Twitter! By using sites such as TwitScoop, which logs what words are being used most often in Tweets. These trending words really show what is going on in the world right now, and can be a lot more effective than even news services!

Keep in mind that these 5 reasons are in addition to the main purpose of Twitter, to share ideas and thoughts with people around the world, which I think is the most important reason to Tweet. It’s such an interesting dynamic being able to have intelligent conversations about anything with like-minded people all over the world!

Do you use Twitter already? Why do you Tweet? What are the motivations that keep you coming back for more Twitter fun? Leave a comment with your reasons!

Have I convinced you? Are you interested in trying Twitter now? I hope you do! If you need help setting up, feel free to contact me, or check out Darren Rowse (follow him on Twitter @ProBlogger) over at TwiTip, who has a great article on setting up a Twitter account!

Happy Tweeting!

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