Weekend from Hell

Well the so-dubbed “Weekend from Hell” is over, and I’m still alive! This past weekend, which really started on Wednesday, included:

  • Marching Band, Basketball Band, and Jazz Band rehearsals (Wednesday)
  • Trumpet lesson (Thursday morning)
  • Last regular-season home football Game (Thursday night)
  • First women’s basketball game (Friday afternoon)
  • Last volleyball game (Friday evening)
  • TBS Showcase (Saturday afternoon, more to come on this!)
  • First men’s basketball game (Saturday night)
  • Women’s basketball game (Sunday afternoon)

This was about as much playing as I’ve ever done in a 4-day span, except for the Illinois All-State musical my senior year (think 3 run-throughs of Les Mis each day, for about a week!). I’m feeling pretty good after it, though, and I had a blast! In all these athletic events this weekend, the ‘Canes went 4-1, with the only loss being Sunday’s women’s game (which the ‘Canes lost on a fast-break with 4 seconds left after they came back from down 13 to tie it). My voice is all but gone from all the cheering, though.

It was an awesome weekend, for sure. Busy? Yes. Tiring? You betcha (I took a 4 hour nap today)! But very rewarding and so much fun getting to spend the entire weekend doing my 2 favorite things: playing music and cheering on the ‘Canes!

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