Week 1… for REAL This Time!

So now it’s time for the REAL first week of “school,” including such firsts as:

  • First day of classes
  • First Hurricane Football Game (!)
  • First long weekend
  • And a few others that I’ll mention later on 🙂

I’ll try to go chronologically since my last post. The weekend of band camp went well, and was capped off by a successful performance at UM President Donna Shalala’s annual incoming freshmen picnic. Granted, the freshmen seemed to care a bit more about the free food than they did about our attempts at starting “Lets Go Canes!” cheers, but that’s nothing new…My audition for placement in the school of music ensembles also took place on Sunday, and although I wasn’t particularly pleased with my audition, it seemed to be enough to put me atop the Symphonic Winds trumpet section (pending one more audition), so that was exciting.

A few more short days of camp and it was time for classes to begin on Wednesday! My classes are pretty great, all things considered. My schedule is very busy on Monday’s and Wednesdays (straight from 8 am through 6 pm with only a break from 2:30 to 3:15), but almost nonexistant on Tuesdays (one class from 12:30 to 1:45) and only slightly less so on Thursday (that 12:30 class, plus a nighttime one from 5 to 7:30). Friday’s I have off, basically, with only a few forum discussion classes. I’ll put my full schedule up on another page of the site sometime soon, so you can all see exactly what I’m doing at a given time (can you say stalker?) 🙂

EDIT: Schedule is up! Check it out! http://andyzweibel.com/schedule

Wednesday became the best day I had had in a long time, though, when I found out after band rehearsal that I had been “tapped” for Tau Beta Sigma. TBS is a co-ed service sorority comprised of men and women in the band program whose mission is to support the band in any way possible. The initiation process is similar to “pledging” to a fraternity or sorority (minus the hazing, of course), and I can’t wait to get started!

Another exciting “School of Music” activity I’m taking part in this fall is the performance of John Corigliano‘s “Circus Maximus,” a piece written for a concert band, a surround band scattered around the house, and a small marching group that comes through and plays in the aisles at one point. I have the privilege of being able to perform as part of this marching group as the epic piece is performed by the Frost Wind Ensemble under the direction of Gary Green. Rehearsals for this piece began on Thursday afternoon.

Not to be upstaged in my day, the first hurricane football game came quickly after the first Corigliano reherasal. Thursday night, the ‘Canes opened up a new season in a new home at Dolphin Stadium, after 70+ years at the Orange Bowl. I was very pleased with the way Dolphin Stadium was made to make UM feel like it was their “home” stadium, and not just that we were playing in an NFL stadium. Everywhere you looked, you saw the “U” or something screaming Orange and Green, and that’s the way it should be.

The game, of course, was awesome, as the ‘Canes romped Charleston Southern by a score of 52-7 (some of us were disappointed we couldn’t break 60…). Now we turn our sights to this coming weekend, when the ‘Canes (along with the band) head up to Gainesville, FL to take on the Florida Gators (BOO!) in the “Swamp,” as their stadium is called. UF is ranked #4 in the nation right now, so the game will definitely be a test for the “Canes, but everyone is psyched and ready to go! We leave on Friday morning 🙂

So I think that’s enough for one post… I’ll try to get a video post done from somewhere on campus during the week this week, and maybe one from the bus on the way to Gainesville if my seat partner will let me 🙂 (don’t count on it). Adieu!

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