Welcome Home!

Welcome to my new e-home! As if I didn’t spend enough time on the computer, I have decided to “take the plunge” so to speak, and purchase the domain that shares my name, as well as some web space with which to play. Eventually, this will be a fully-functional blog-site, which means that while the homepage will be my blog, you will also be able to read other pages about me, such as my personal interests, my professional experience/endeavors, and any other random musings I might have. If enough people are around, I might even open a forum up for discussion about anything and everything.

Anyway, I’ll be posting more often as the summer winds down and the school year winds up, and hopefully recording a few more video blogs (or, as I have learned to call them, vlogs). I know my track record isn’t good, but I’m really going to try this time. Now I’ve got a vested interest, called CASH. 🙂

I hope everyone’s summer is going well, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I finish out the basic site and prepare to stick some more fun stuff on here. If you think of anything you’d like to see on the site (anything at all, as long as it doesn’t break laws), feel free to leave a comment here, or email me at andy@andyzweibel.com and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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