Semester 2 Update

So I know I’m bad… and I thoroughly admit that 3 posts per week was a bit ambitious. But at least I tried. I’m going to try to keep this updated with maybe around one post a week from now on, as I don’t have as much time as I thought I would.

Anyway, on to the important stuff. I figured I’d use this post to serve as an update for the way the semester has gone so far. Classes are going very well, all in all. I’m taking 12 Classes for 14 credits. Before you freak out and wonder what the hell I’m doing, note that I have only three classes for more than 1 credit, and actually 2 classes for zero credits (discussion forums for brass/music ed).

Classes are for the most part very enjoyable. I’m taking Woodwind Techniques (like the brass course I took last semester), and am currently learning the flute. It’s harder than I thought it would be! I’m also in Percussion Techniques, so I’m learning how to be a crazy-good drummer (kind of…). Other courses include music theory, ear training, piano, and a computer science elective.

I’m also in three ensembles: the Symphonic Winds (the same group as last semester–this is “concert band”), the XJB (jazz band), and the University Band, which is a concert band made for non-music majors who want to keep playing their instruments. It’s also open to music majors who want to try other instruments, so I’m playing Euphonium (its a mini-tuba for those of you non-music nerds =D). The Symph Winds just had a great concert a few weeks ago, and now have turned our sights on a concert in April, which is looking to be fantastic.

Trumpeting has also been going very well this semester. I’ve taken on a new-found desire to really improve my playing, and I have definitely seen results even over the past two months. My tone has gotten a lot better, and I’m looking at doing an upgrade to a slightly bigger mouthpiece to allow that change to continue to happen. My lip flexibility, which was a very weak point in my playing, is still weak but very much less so than before, and I feel a lot more comfortable with my playing.

That’s about it for now, more to come later, hopefully! I’ve had a few requests from people to see some video footage of me playing trumpet or performing, so I’ll try to get some of that up soon.

2 thoughts on “Semester 2 Update

  1. play the hummel for video!

    and throw in a les mis fanfare at the end 😛

    alsdjflaksdfjlkasjd 12 classes for 14 credits… i’m taking…5 for 17 lol

  2. play the hummel for video!and throw in a les mis fanfare at the end :Palsdjflaksdfjlkasjd 12 classes for 14 credits… i’m taking…5 for 17 lol

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