I’m Back!!

So it’s been a month and a half since my last blog, and I apologize for anyone who actually is still reading this who’s had to check it for the last 45 days with nothing to show for it. It’s been a hectic time since the FSU Trip. Allow me to be the first to welcome you back to what will hopefully be a more active blog in the future.

First things first, then, shall we? What has Andy been up to for the last month and a half? Well, lots of things! Firstly, I spent a few weeks cheering for a losing football team. The ‘Canes were one win away from bowl eligibility with 4 games to play, and they weren’t able to win any, which is why I’m here now and not in California or Memphis with the band. A few highlights from the end of the season:

After a disappointing football season, it was time for basketball season to begin! UM Basketball, usually not a powerhouse, came out of the gate at a full-on sprint, and currently hold a 9-0 record and a ranking of #22 in the nation! Here we come, March Madness!! (knock on wood!!)

The band banquet came and went, I had the honor of being picked as one of the two outstanding rookie marchers in the brass section, and many of my friends also received honors from “Marcher of the Year” to being tapped for Tau Beta Sigma, the honorary band service sorority. Congrats to anyone reading this who received an award!

And so it was time for finals. They all went very well (knock on wood again!), though, as did my jury (performance final exam, for the brass faculty). With them out of the way, it was time to go home!

And that’s where I am now, sitting in cold, snowy Chicago, enjoying being back with the old gang, having late nights of computer games and RISK, and fun evenings with the GBN Pep Band and visiting all the old folks back at GBN.

Stay tuned for updates, including a thrilling sequel to “Wings, Wings, and More Wings!” that documents my return trip to B-Dubs after a four-month hiatus!

Welcome back!