South Nine Jazz Ensemble

I had the opportunity last Wednesday to go to the Arturo Sandoval Jazz Club to enjoy some quality jazz played by the South Nine Jazz Ensemble. South Nine is made up of members of the Concert Jazz Band (CJB) here at UM, the top big band in the school. The band is made up of Augie Haas (trumpet/co-leader), Ryan Socrates (drums/co-leader), Steve Pardo (tenor Sax), David Palma (alto Sax), Jason Kush (bari-sax), Cisco Dimas (trumpet), Chad Bernstein (trombone), Joe Rehmer (bass), and Gabe Evens (piano). Garret Arrowwood and Mike Thomas were subbing for Chad Bernstein and Steve Pardo, respectively.

Unfortuantely, due to heavy traffic, I was only able to hear the last 20 minutes of the set, but what I heard was very impressive. The group played with a really good feel, and all the soloists were impressive. They played a few original compositions by Ryan Socrates, which were very impressive both in the actual composition and the style.

The group closed with a tune called “Chill,” a fun arrangement of the Dr. Mario theme and a jazz tune called “St. Thomas.” Here’s an excerpt of the South Nine Jazz Ensemble playing “Chill” at a different gig at Arturo’s, featuring Chad Bernstein on trombone:

The group is definitely talented, I’m looking forward to seeing them again! Check them out on the web at!

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