It’s Gonna be a Good One!

This weekend, the UM Band of the Hour will be taking a trip up the state of Florida to help cheer on their team as the Hurricanes take on the rival Seminoles of Florida State University on Saturday. The trip will last 2 and a half days, and will include everything from a night in the “happiest place on earth” to our very own police escort. Here’s what’s planned:

Tomorrow morning, the band will depart UM around 7 am, after a 6:00 report/load time. We’ll drive the first 5-ish hours on Friday morning, arriving at 1:00 in Disney World. We’ll march in a parade down the main drag at Disney, and move to our hotel. After changing, it’s a night free in the Magic Kingdom, courtesy of Director Phil Clements and the UM Band’s pocket. Thanks, Mr. Clements!

The next morning we will complete the drive up to Tallahassee, and upon arrival we’ll play at a pep rally at a local Civic Center. This is where the fun starts! After the pep rally, the UM Band will have a police escort to the stadium, and we will proceed to do what I feel will be the scariest bit of marching I have ever done. We’ll have to march from our buses into the stadium, going past a plethora of inebriated Seminole-fans, while wearing about as much orange and green as we possibly can (see my profile picture for an idea of the uniforms we’ll be wearing)

In the past, this trip has led to FSU fans attacking Band members, trying to break the band’s ranks, steal instruments, and even attack color guard members. For the trip, we will be escorted by a police officer, as well as flanked by both our and FSU’s band graduate assistants.

Once we make it into the stadium, it’s time to do what we do best – support the football team! We’ll perform our halftime show just before the FSU band does. FSU has about 460 members in their band (we have just over 100), but we still have a cleaner, and more fun show, from what I’ve been told. We’ll see what the crowd of ‘Noles have to say about our dancing…

After the game, it’s a bus ride to Lake City, FL and the hotels (Lake City is a few hours outside of Tallahassee-this is another security measure for the band) for the night, followed by the long busride back home on Sunday.

It’s looking as though it’s going to be an awesome trip, though, filled with a lot of time on a bus, and some unique experiences.

Hmm, I have to be at the band hall in 8 and a half hours… I should probably get packing!

Lets all hope I’m back to tell you the stories on Monday!

2 thoughts on “It’s Gonna be a Good One!

  1. yay you’re alive 😀
    i feel like i’m missing out on the whole school spirit thing >.<
    uic = no football team = stupid…

  2. yay you’re alive :Di feel like i’m missing out on the whole school spirit thing >.<uic = no football team = stupid…

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