First Teaching Experience

Today I had my first college experience in actually teaching music. I had the opportunity to spend about a half hour sitting down with Maria, a 4th grade girl who had begun trumpet just a few weeks ago at West Lab School just outside of campus. Maria knew 4 notes, and in our half hour we almost doubled the number of notes she could play, as well as making progress on learning her first 3-note song. This, coupled with some breathing exercises and a break which included my modeling all my mutes for her, led to a very quick half-hour lesson. Maria is going to be a great trumpet player one day, she had a great tone for being a beginner, and an astonishingly good range! The most rewarding part, though, was hearing her tell me at the end that she had learned a lot. She had a big smile on her face when she walked back into the classroom.

This is why we do it.

In other news, I recently got back in touch with Mrs. Sue Rarus, my second cousin, but more importantly the Director of Research/Information with MENC. She also is a regular poster on the MENC Blog, which I would recommend to anyone interested in the music educators scene. It’s got some great ideas about music and teaching, and some nonrelated stuff too :).

4 thoughts on “First Teaching Experience

  1. Glad you got back in touch with Sue!

    lobynoby=))) \l_l (this is a hand signal-let me know if you know what I mean)

  2. Glad you got back in touch with Sue!lobynoby=))) l_l (this is a hand signal-let me know if you know what I mean)

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