You want me to WHAT?!?!

Perhaps you’ve noticed the craze that has hit the entertainment world in the past few seasons of television, with Fox’s show “So You Think You Can Dance?” I never really understood the concept of it… I mean it’s only dancing, it can’t be that hard, right?

Flash forward to 4:00 pm on Monday afternoon. Location: the Marching Band rehearsal field. Rehearsal topic: a new “Stomp“-type number we’re adding into the middle of our latin-themed show, complete with drum break, baritone and cymbal players banging on trash cans, and the rest of the band dancing. Yes, you heard it right, 70 “gringos” bustin’ a move…

From chest pumps to pelvic thrusts, grapevines to knee slaps, and everything in between, it was an exhausting rehearsal. I haven’t been more tired after a marching band rehearsal since I can remember, and that’s saying something. We learned the dance, choreographed by the dance team’s choreographer, in about 20 minutes. The choreographer brought the captains of the dance squad over to “demonstrate” as he taught. They made it look so easy, and then when I tried to mimic, I truly looked like a fool. The entire group did, really.

So here’s to all you dancers out there. I appreciate what you do a lot more than I did 12 hours ago, lets just say that. It’s one thing to do a dance, and it’s another thing to make it look good. You dancer-types continually make it look good, and I will forever envy you for that.

So when you are watching the Miami Hurricanes tear up the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on Saturday, and you see the band behind the announcers during halftime, watch me. I’ll be the one bustin’ out the moves on the 40 yard line, breakin’ it down to the beat of the drummers, baritones, and cymbals, and, whether it looks good or not, having a blast doing it nonetheless!

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